Smart Home Security

Protecting the Smart Home


Smart Home Technologies can be very confusing.  How do you know what to protect, if you don't understand the technologies being used.  Fortunately, we take care of that for you.

The Smart Home Tower of Babel


Different Home Automation, IoT and Smart Devices use different methods to communicate between each other, hubs, apps and web services that they may use to provide functionality.  

The chart above shows some of the features the different optional layers that devices may communicate on.

Fortunately, most installations pick one or two different communication methods.

Communications types


The internet or intranet (inside your home only) layers (shown in green) provide access to remote and app functionality.  These are wifi 802.11(wireless networking) at either 5 GHz or 2.4 Ghz.  Smart Homes primarily run at 2.4 except for Smart TVs / tivos / etc. (they may be best running on ethernet.)

How do the Zigbee and Z-Wave devices interact with Apps?


Zigbee and Z-Wave both are local networking technologies.  For them to reach the internet or intranet (where your apps interact with them), they need to move through a device known as a gateway.  (Sometimes it is called something else, but it is a way to 'translate' from the communications methods at the bottom of the picture and allow them to talk to the internet.

Now that we know the pieces - here is where the risks lie


The bigest threat to a smart home is thorugh the internet (or a device that has internet connections).  Most laptops, tablets, phones, etc have protection through both firewalls and antivirus / anti-malware.  

Smart Home / Home Automation devices have none or very limited protection. 

Contray to what you may think, Hubs , firewalls, routers, etc don't protect these smart / home automation devices.

The internet attack "surfaces" are shown in Red above. These surfaces are what Guard Dog Focuses on.  In particular how to protect each and every device you add to your home.

The Guard Dog Solution


When you add Guard Dog, you add Guard Dog to your smart home environment and block dangerous, unknown and malicious traffic.  

Shown as Dark Black borders above, Guard Dog protects your Smart Home in  a way it has never been protected before. 

We know each device that you add to your network.  No devices can show up "unannounced" unless your approve them.

Misbehaving devices are a sure sign that a device is failing or has been compromised.  Guard Dog lets your know, so that your can remove, refresh or replace them.

Guard Dog makes your Smart Home Smarter... and Safer.

Regardless of which smart home technologes you choose, Guard Dog has you covered.  Simple to select the correct components, simple to install into your home or apartment.

The Guard Dog privacy shield provides critcal protection to your new or existing Smart Home.  Simple to install on your existing system, Guard Dog works with all mainline Smart Home ecosystems.

Never worry about your Smart Home devices security.  Rest Easy, Guard Dog is alway on patrol


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