IOT devices (both direct as well as those placed into service by well meaning folks) create a new set of HIPAA privacy and security challenge for the Security Officer. 

Guard Dog Wireless Surveillence

The vast majority of IOT devices are currently running on WPA2 - wireless network security and primarily of 2.4 ghz networks.  

These devices has minimal security and limited logging capabilities.  This combination leaves them as perfect targets for exploiting an enterprise network. 

Guard Dog Privacy Shields monitor the IOT network segments.  Through our deep understanding of IOT device behavior, we are able to actively monitor all the IOT device behavior and alert your staff in the event that a device is compromised.

To maintain HIPAA compliance, all traffic is logged and archived.  No data packet information is kept, only that meta data critical to understanding each devices behavioral characteristics is maintained.


Installs on Your Existing Network

Unlike many security and infrastructure projects, Guard Dog can be added to an existing network without having to upgrade your network hardware.   The collection devices are tiny - 2"x2"x1".   Simply plug them into a standard power outlet.


Logging the way you need it

Guard Dog manages the log archives for you, based on your security criteria. 

If you would rather that we format and send the logs into your log consolidation and archive process, we can do that as well.

IOT HIPAA / PCI Compliance

Adding Guard to your existing network is a snap.  No connections to your existing network devices or physical infrastruture is required.

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