Don't Allow Your Privacy to be Compromised! Add Smart Home Security

Smart Home and Home Automation devices are easily compromised.   Once compromised, you now have an intruder in your home who can listen, watch, control your devices, capture your private data and profile your household members behavior!

Fight Back

What You Need is a Privacy Shield

Guard Dog Privacy Shield for Your Home or Business

Monitor all traffic on your smart home network to ensure that it hasn't be compromised by a hacker.  Your private data may already be compromised and uploaded continuously without you even being aware.

Take Action Now by Installing a Guard Dog Privacy Shield

  • Simple to Install
  • No Techinical Knowledge Required
  • No Disruption of your Current Setup
  • Easily Added to any Existing Home Network
  • Auto Configures itself to provide maximum protection
  • Understands the unique characteristics of  Smart Home Device Behavior
  • Provides a report card of your Smart Home Security and Privacy Profile (including recomendations on risky devices that you might want to upgrade)


What is a Smart Home / Smart Business Privacy Shield?

Hardly a day passes without a new security and privacy risk to smart homes and IoT enabled businesses being discovered - AFTER they have been long since compromised.   Smart Devices, IoT and Home automation devices are mostly low powered, minimally protected devices that are ripe for exploitation. 

Firewalls, VPNs, Anti-virus/Anti-malware solve different problems in the security space, but there is a  glaring GAP for protecting your smart devices. (Those devices which aren't a phone, tablet or computer.)    None of these security products solves the IoT, Smart Device , Home Automation Device privacy and security issues. 

What you need is a Guard Dog Smart Device Privacy Shield.  

Learn more about the risks associated with Smart Homes and IoT devices here:

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Finalist in the 2019 NE Innovation Awards

Guard Dog Technologies ( formally A Cloud of My Own)  has been named a finalist in the New England Business Innovation Awards for 2019.  Prior winners have included such startups as Staples, Ben and Jerrys and other well known names.  We are honored to be part of the finals in September. 

Overview of the Guard Dog Product

Check out this Video for an Overview of Guard Dog Privacy Shield

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About Us

Preventing Harm & Loss

Once a device inside or your home or business has be compromised (fancy word for hacked) , what are the risks?

  • Your personal data can be compromised
  • Current protection can be compromised (as the hack is not coming from the outside of your home, but from the inside)
  • Profiles of the people in our home can be built (when you are home, asleep, cooking, at work)
  • Devices can be controlled for malicious intent - harrasment or worse)
  • Video and  / or audio streams and endpoint can be intercepted or created and distributed